"Setting New Standards"


So what is the “Blush Experience” ?

Blush will be taking the holistic approach everything from a “Daddy daycare center” to the only place to meet & greet enjoy with or without friends the convivial surroundings either the comfortable air conditioned interior or the garden exterior setting with a breeze provided courtesy of strategically placed electric fans.


The Experience.

That is entirely up to you the customer, solo or duo, the hostesses are there to meet drink & chat if required your choice, the VIP comfortable lounge situated to the left on entering Blush is there to be enjoyed.



Blush Bites under construction and should be fully functional around the end of December 2018, worth waiting for we think.

For an even more "personal experience" check out our “Club Above”

Presently under construction will be finished 1st Quarter of 2019, this will feature: Sport Screens, Pool Table, private bar relaxing seating this facility will also be available for private rentals with sumptuous buffets if required, Ideal for party’s golf outings, and all manner of activities, please enquire for prices & details.

Blush fully open & functional, come visit & experience the “Blush Experience”

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